Our culture

Success is definitely something that is favored by luck. However the best luck of all is the luck you make for yourself. Reaching the top is one thing, but staying there for almost half a century can never be due to luck. It is in our philosophy to never compromise over high quality. No profit could ever be compared to the value of a brand name that people can trust no matter what. Hence we make sure to chose excellent materials, to buy certified stones from guaranteed sources. We maintain our own workshop in order to be able to craft whatever we and our clients dream of.

Our variety

"KESSARIS variety is as elaborate as that of granules of the sand” a client once said. Indeed, one of our unique characteristics is the unrivaled range of products we offer, and as a matter of fact not only in jewelry, but in all the fields of the industry we partake. Jewelry, watches and gifts coexist in our stores in an incredible variety of designs, styles, materials and prices, along with the branded items of the famous houses we collaborate with. In this way, we succeed in satisfying the needs and desires of our friends.

In shop experience

We design each store with passion in order to create the perfect ambience in the most unique environment always considering that it needs to be in harmony with its location and history. However, our most important investment is our people. After careful consideration of the occasion and the recipient, our sales people offer the best possible guidance to our clients in order for them to find the ideal piece. We aim to provide our clientele a one of a kind enjoyable and productive experience from the minute they enter the store, to when they get their beautifully amballaged piece.

Made personal

Each jewel is unique, just like its owner. With this in mind, KESSARIS, has always been able to create custom made designs. From a pair of cufflinks with your initials, to a pendant from a shell you found in one of your trips, to a silver tray engraved with a wedding invitation or even personalized giveaways for your child's christening, the choices you have to create an object that looks like no other, is inexhaustible as is your imagination.


Once you have purchased something from our store, we enter your lives forever. Our specialized jewelry and watches workshops ensure that you continue your excellent service even after leaving the store. With our years of experience, our unwavering passion for perfection and the support of the latest equipment we are able to cover every need for repair, maintenance or even modification of jewelry and watches. We are also proud to be part of the worldwide network of Rolex-trained watchmakers, carefully selected for their uncompromising professionalism and expertise. Discover more about our Rolex Authorized Service Centre.

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